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Grand Theft Auto 5 came out in 2013. A few months later, Rockstar promised GTA V story mode updates with “substantial additions in 2014 continuing Michael, Franklin and Trevor’s action, mayhem and unexpected adventures in Southern San Andreas.”

Needless to say, that substantial story DLC for GTA 5 didn’t come out in 2014. Or 2015. And here we are in 2016 still wondering what happened to it.

Unfortunately, despite rumors of the single-player DLC being in development, Rockstar has more or less dropped the idea in favor of focusing on the much more profitable GTA 5. Is it impossible? Not necessarily. But here are a few things we think fans are more likely to get before GTA 5 single-player DLC comes out.

Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts III has reached near-mythical status for some players, mainly due to the sheer number of games that have released in the series before it. But the Kingdom Hearts series is approaching the conclusion of this saga, and Kingdom Hearts III is next in line after 2.8 releases this December.

Plus, they’ve shown trailers for it, which is more than we can say for GTA 5’s DLC.

2D Metroid Game

Metroid fans have felt a great deal of frustration lately, between the ill-received Metroid: Other M and the recent spin-off  Federation Force. Fans of 2D Metroid games have it the worst, since it’s been even longer since Nintendo released a new one.

But it wasn’t too long ago that Nintendo said both 2D and 3D Metroid games have a future. Vague or not, it’s a more definitive future than single-player GTA 5 DLC has.

Half-Life 3

Just kidding. Half-Life 3 is never coming out.

(But despite the running joke it’s become, Half-Life 3 still might have a better chance. Valve consistently claims it will one day exist, and potential clues continually surface… which once again, is more than we can say for GTA 5’s story DLC.)

What do you think? Do you expect to see single-player DLC for GTA 5 before these three games? Humor aside, why do you think Rockstar abandoned its plans to release story DLC after announcing it?