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Playing the phenomenal app-based game Pokemon Go often means investing something to gain something. But some of the price to pay can be steep, which is why players are looking for weekly events that will increase their trainer’s level at a quicker pace, and enable them to catch stronger and rarer Pokemon. For this to happen, they need to earn lots of experience (XP).

Wouldn’t be nice if Pokemon Go has the following features?

Weekly double experience events

It doesn’t matter if the event involves catching, evolving or hatching a Pokemon, as long as players gain double XP in an event. From a regular 100 XP when catching a Pokemon it should double to 200 XP at an event held weekly. It would also help if, in one particular event, XP for all other activities, such as visiting a PokeStop, battling at a rival gym, and training at a friendly gym would also double. One day in every week can make a huge difference.

Legendary Pokemon sightings

Have you seen the Pokemon Go trailer? Many theories are going around following its release, including the belief that legendary Pokemon is only obtainable through certain events. One scene in the trailer showed a “Raid” where Pokemon players gather in the middle of New York’s Time Square to battle and capture Mewtwo. It’s theorized that three legendary birds – Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres, as well as Mew and Mewtwo are only obtainable through similar events. Why not make it easy by providing legendary Pokemon sightings once in every week?

Discounts candy to evolve

For Caterpie to become Metapod, you only need 12 candies, which is manageable enough. But for Magikarp to become Gyarados, you’re going to need 400 candies. There should at least be a weekly event where candies needed to evolve are discounted at a certain percentage, saving players more candies to use for other Pokemon.

Weekly defender bonus hour reduction

It’s cool that you can claim a reward immediately after you capture a gym. But you will have to wait for 21 hours before you can claim a reward for doing the same activity. A weekly event where the defender bonus hour is reduced would be most appreciated.

While waiting for a response from Niantic, catch rare monsters using Ingress.