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Niantic has been very quiet about the most requested feature for Pokemon Go; trading has been a core aspect of Pokemon games ever since the first game released and considering the high social potential of Pokemon Go, it’s only natural that fans are wondering where this feature is.

Dedicated fans who have been working their way through the code for the game have discovered a few things that suggest Niantic plans to introduce this feature very soon. Various users have found various pieces of code that suggest players will be able to trade with each other over large distances however, until Niantic make an announcement there’s no way of knowing exacting what the coding means.

The code discovered included phrases such as “Trade_Search” and “Trade_offer” which suggest that players will be able to make a general trade offer that’s open to every player of the game; if this is true then Niantic would definitely add private trades to the game also.

It’s thought that trading will be added to the game in the next update alongside the Buddy System.