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Developer Niantic is never particularly vocal when it comes to releasing new features but some fans believe this might have changed due to a potential hint that’s been added to the games code; this may seem to be a bit hopeful considering how little information there is about this but, PvP trainer battles are one of the most requested features for the game.

Niantic has also suggested in the past that they’re looking at adding more player interactivity to the game with adjustments to the Gyms and PokeStops however the developer did not expand on what they were planning to do.

Data miners discovered the word “sfida” in the code several times; this is an Italian word that roughly translates to “challenge” which suggests that players will soon be able to do something that involves challenging other players. This is new code so there is no way this is referencing the current Pokemon Gyms in the game. Niantic has commented in the past that they intend to update Gyms so it is possible that this code is referencing an upcoming update for Gyms or Pokestops.