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There are many iPhone owners who have installed Microsoft’s Office suite of applications which includes World, Excel and PowerPoint to open, edit or create documents using these apps, then send them to their friends. Microsoft has just released a new update for iOS devices, which comes with new features and improvements, such as support for Edmodo and Tencent.

For starters, iOS users in China will receive the new update, which will allow them to store and access their Office files (created with Word, Excel and PowerPoint) with Edmodo and Tencent. PowerPoint has received a special new feature that allows users to turn their devices into a laser point, by pointing them at the screen and pressing and holding in the notes area. Unfortunately, it’s not known if and when this feature will be added to PowerPoint for Android smartphones, but it would be funny if the “laser pointer” feature, that’s currently available for Office 365 subscribers, would be used on tablets.

A new feature for Word brought by the new update is Smart Lookup, which will offer more information, images or definitions about a specific subject, when pressing and holding on a word or phrase. This feature was available on the desktop and now it’s exclusive to the iPhone.

iOS users can download Office for iOS, version 1.25, from the App Store, or they already installed the package, they will automatically receive the update. In parallel, a similar update is going live for Macs and by the end of this month, it will bring more improvements for both Insiders and retail users.

The installation file of Microsoft Office weighs in at 473MB, so you should connect to a wireless network before downloading it. The package is available in 33 languages and it’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running on iOS 8.0 or later.