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Rejoice, Mass Effect fans! Andromeda footage exists!

After a significant drought of information about the upcoming sci-fi RPG from BioWare, we finally got to see footage—gameplay footage, at that, even though it was pre-alpha footage—from Mass Effect: Andromeda. It was included as part of Sony’s September 7 PlayStation event and used to showcase the power of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Whether or not you’re interested in the PS4 pro itself and its 4K tech, it’s wonderful to finally get a look at the next game in the Mass Effect series.

While it isn’t a long video, it does show a beautiful (if ominous) alien location as well as some of the enemies you’ll face in the Andromeda galaxy, the main character using a jetpack, and an exciting cutscene.

Four characters are present in the scene. This could mean Andromeda will allow you to have four people in your party at once, unlike the previous three Mass Effect games which had three-person parties. However, it’s possible one character is merely accompanying a three-person party. Future footage should make that clearer.

Interestingly, this further supports the old leak about Andromeda. Many details from the leak already proved true, and the new video mentions both the Helius Cluster and Vaults, which were part of the leaked information. (At this point, the leak appears valid enough that you should approach it with caution, since its details could contain spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda.)

Fan reactions so far seem mixed. Many people reacted to the news with excitement, while others felt the footage had too much of a Dragon Age: Inquisition vibe. Still others noticed similarities to Halo 4, which may stem from the lead writer (Chris Schlerf) being the same for both games.

More information about Mass Effect: Andromeda, along with a new trailer, will be released on November 7, or N7 Day. While we wait for November to arrive, let us know what you thought about the Andromeda footage. Were you impressed by the technical showcase of the PlayStation 4 Pro? Intrigued by the cutscene from Mass Effect: Andromeda?

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