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Following the worldwide success of Pokemon Go, Nintendo has lined up Pokemon Sun and Moon. Is it better than Pokemon Go? Many people don’t think so.

Pokemon Go may share basic characteristics with Pokemon Sun and Moon, but there is no comparison when it comes to gameplay. Sure, you still need to catch Pokemon, train and evolve them into powerful forms, fight other trainers, and challenge other Pokemon gyms, but that’s where the similarities end.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released in Nintendo 3DS, which means people would have to buy the handheld system in order to play the game. Whereas with Pokemon Go, people can simply use their existing mobile phone. Any other required investment is free, such as time and energy. Between spending something and not at all, anyone would prefer the latter.

The interactive level of Pokemon Go also makes it a better choice. If more features will be added to the app-based mobile game, such as trading, and battle between friends, the more immersive and interactive it will become.

There’s no denying of its popularity, either. In fact, it can actually spark interest for Pokemon Sun and Moon. At least, this was the initial consensus. But some game and tech websites aren’t seeing a spike in visitor’s traffic to news and updates about Pokemon Sun and Moon. What is happening, however, is that more people are interested in Pokemon Go.

But there is one thing that gives Pokemon Sun and Moon an edge – the latest story in Pokemon games. So anyone who loves such stories would appreciate the next 3DS release. Players can expect new Pokemon and Alola forms as well. In the new teaser clip that Nintendo live-streamed during a Nintendo 3DS-focused event, Pokemon Sun and Moon showed the addition of Ratatta’s Alola form, Snorlax and its pre-evolved form, Munchlax.

But rumor has it that Nintendo is set to release Nintendo NX, which will allow the handheld console to be connected to the TV. In this case, people are likely to wait for the NX, and play Pokemon Go in the meantime.

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