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Rockstar Games has published a number of popular games, with the most prominent being the Grand Theft Auto series. A Grand Theft Auto 6 is more or less inevitable, although it’s still unknown how they’ll handle Grand Theft Auto Online.

Meanwhile, a smaller but still popular series from Rockstar is Red Dead, which began with Red Dead Revolver in 2004 and continued with Red Dead Redemption in 2010. While its name may not carry the same weight as Grand Theft Auto, fans of the Wild West series still hope to see a sequel someday.

Red Dead Redemption 2—or Red Dead something else, as it might be called, considering the first game was called Red Dead Revolver—has yet to be officially announced, but a map for it was supposedly leaked back in April. While the leak could be fake, we do know Rockstar’s parent company considers Red Dead an important franchise, which means a sequel should come eventually.

So with neither game announced but both expected, fans of these two series eagerly anticipate Rockstar’s presence at gaming events.

While Grand Theft Auto 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2 will most likely both be open world action-adventure games like they’re predecessors, they’re quite different. The setting is the most immediate apparent difference, since the Grand Theft Auto series typically has modern settings while Red Dead Redemption was set in 1911 near the end of the Wild West era.

The two also have similar gameplay styles, with some people feeling Red Dead Redemption was essentially a Wild West Grand Theft Auto, while others speculate about a game that could tie the two together.

Whatever the case may be, Grand Theft Auto 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are two of the most highly-anticipated games yet to be announced, at least among fans of open world action. Which are you looking forward to the most? Which do you think will be announced first?

Let us know in the comments, and feel free to debate the pros and cons of each potential game.

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