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There’s awesome news this week for Clash of Clans players as the game has just received a new update that comes with many revamped features. Among those new features we can name the ‘mute emotes’ option and improvements to tournaments and legendary cards.

The ‘mute emotes’ option

This option was implemented as a result of many complaints from players because some of those that lost battles were taunted via these emotes by the winner. The only means of communication between the players engaged in a battle are 10 emotes and those who win tend to use the emotes to bully the losers, which is really inappropriate. Initially, Supercell – the company responsible for Clash Royale – stated that they will not introduce a mute emote option because evoking strong emotions is at the heart of the game. However, they have recently decided that they will implement it after the numerous requests.

More Tournaments

The latest update brings some tweaks to tournaments after many players complained that it’s difficult to find and join tournaments. Not only that, but it’s also very hard to win the tournaments and that it’s very frustrating. The tweaks refer to more tournaments and more opportunities to win them.

Legendary Cards

Another frustrating issue Clash Royale players have complained about is that fact that Legendary cards are very hard to find in the game. The update now makes it easier to find the Legendary cards. At the same time, Supercell stated that the cards will also be balanced out because they have noticed that weak cards inevitably become useless in battles while stronger cards become too powerful to be taken down in a battle.

The update also brings some fine-tuning to the Clash Royale training camp where players can test their skills and cards. Supposedly, it will also fix the fact that the current game A.I. makes it less challenging to win battles.