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Installing the most updated version of WhatsApp is highly advisable because it improves your security and experience when using the app. The most recent 2.16.258 version for Android allows users to leave a voice message if their call is unanswered. That’s a helpful new feature, right? However, some complained that they can’t download the latest update. If you are experiencing problems with installing the newest version of WhatsApp, here are a few possible causes.

  1. Your device doesn’t have enough storage space.

If you receive this error message, then you obviously have to free up some space on your smartphone. Google recommends to have at least 1 GB of free space when installing or updating apps. Go to Settings > Applications > Google Play Store > Storage > Clear Cache and then Clear Data. Turn your phone off and on again, then try to install the latest WhatsApp version.

  1. WhatsApp isn’t available in your country.

In this case, you should try downloading the newest update from the official website of WhatsApp. In order to do this, you have to turn on the Unknown Sources option in your device’s Security settings. After successfully installing the most recent version of the app, remember to turn it back off.

  1. WhatsApp isn’t compatible with your device.

Unfortunately, if you are trying to download an updated version of the messaging app on your tablet, you will receive an error message because tabs and other certain devices are not officially supported by WhatsApp. What you can do is try to download the latest WhatsApp version from the official website. If successful, take note that you may experience problems or the app may stop working in the future since it is not compatible with your device.

Make sure you stay informed on the latest WhatsApp update for Android by receiving alerts or subscribing.