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The mobile security team at Google has recently been taking care of important issues that appeared on Android. They have recently released an update solving two important security issues. One of them was a security hole that was initially designed for research purposees, but which could have been malicious if it had been modified, according to Google. However, it would have been easy to turn into a weapon or to be detected by people with bad intentions.

The second flaw found in the security system was similar to the Stagefright exploit. Basically, it would have allowed an attacker to send a modified JPEG file either by using Gmail or Google Talk and could thus hijack the phone. This breach was also quite easy to find by any malicious people and also to use it to their advantage.

Check Point, which is a security company, also showed that the Google Play store had some apps which included 2 forms of malware called DressCode and CallJam. CallJam sent phones to visit website that made money from ads and if you gave them permission they would even call other phone numbers. DressCode also made you visit other websites with ads, but it could even damage some local networks. Google also removed the aforementioned apps, but the danger is still there, since there were lots of users that downloaded the software even millions of times.

Though it’s highly unlikely for you to run into this malware, it shows that there is an issue with the programmed security updates in Android. Nexus users get them first, which means that the rest of the users are forced to wait, that is, if they’re ever meant to get the update. The fact that Google offers a monthly security update it is indeed of great help, but there are also lots of users who own phones that don’t support newer Android version or patches.