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A lot of Xiaomi users have been curious about the comparison between the Redmi 3 Pro and the Redmi Note 3. This has been the effect after the company has announced the cheapest fingerprint-enabled device named the Redmi 3 Pro. This has been the upgraded model of the existing Redmi 3 device announced in January. As a result, the specs of the Redmi 3 Pro is now comparable to the Redmi Note series.

For this reason, the fans want to know about the comparative issues between the two devices from Xiaomi. Although both devices have their own specs and targeted to different markets, the prices can be very comparable because the Redmi 3 Pro has reached the level of the Note series. Thus, comparing the two devices can be hard to decide.

Here are some notable features that may bring the two apart from each other.

Xiaomi Design

Both devices are very similar in looks, but this is not surprising since both of them belong to the Xiaomi series family. The Redmi Note 3 Pro will feature a similar plain design at the back coming with a fingerprint sensor. Moreover, the flash and the camera are located atop the center, but both of them features metal bodies.

The Note 3 Pro is a bit bigger than the Redmi 3 Pro in terms of dimensions. Likewise, even with the huge battery, the smaller Redmi 3 Pro is slimmer than the Note 3 model. At the same time, the Redmi 3 pro is lighter compared to the other.

The Hardware Features

  • The Processor

There are a few differences with these devices in terms of hardware. Basically, the Redmi 3 Pro packs in the octa-core chip Snapdragon 616, coming from a series that power smartphones at the mid-range level. Meanwhile, the Note 3 Pros comes with the advanced chipset Snapdragon 650. This should be a bit more powerful than the other which has all Cortex A53 cores.

  • The GPU

The GPU is also different in both devices in which the Redmi has the Adreno 405 while the Redmi Note has faster Adreno 510. The memory on the Redmi only has a single variant at 3GB RAM +32GB microSD slot, while the other has a couple of variants at 2GB + 16GB and 3GB + 32GB microSD slot.

  • The Camera

In terms of camera, the Redmi packs in a 13MP f/2.0 sensor with single LED flash and PDAF. Meanwhile, the Note has a slightly better 16MP f/2.0 and PDAF, along with the dual tone flash. However, the Note and the Redmi both have 5MP front-facing cameras.

  • The Battery

Both phones have slight differences in terms of battery capacity. The Note has a 4000mAh battery, while the Redmi has 4100mAh. Nevertheless, the 5-inch screen on the Redmi with 720p and its very efficient processor with Cortex A53 cores.

Both devices are top of their classes but if you have specific needs then it is best to know which device offers what. For those who want to have a compact screen and long-lasting battery life, then the Redmi 3 Pro should be perfect for you. If you like a larger and neat display with battery to last a whole day, then you can have the Redmi Note 3 Pro as your companion.

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