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If you are looking for a free smartphone messenger app to download on your phone, you might want to try WhatsApp. This app allows you to send images, text messages, audio, video and contact info to other WhatsApp users.

In this particular discussion, you will learn how to install this popular mobile app on your Nokia Asha 206. It is important to know the requirements beforehand. It is imperative to free some memory space in your phone to ensure the download will go on smoothly. If your phone has dual Sim, it is recommended to remove the second Sim during the process.

Now let’s get started:

  1. First, download two important files for your installation: whatsapp.jar and whatsapp.jad directly on your phone or onto your computer. If you have the files on your computer, copy these files into your phone using a USB data cable.
  1. Once files are downloaded, follow the steps and navigate your way to the file and press the select button from your Nokia Asha phone. This will take you to options.
  1. From the options, click on “update version” and you have successfully installed WhatsApp on your phone.
  1. After updating is done, you will need to input your mobile number that you will use for your WhatsApp account.
  1. Wait for the verification code that will be sent to you via SMS. If you do not receive the code via text, you have the option to receive it via a call. Input the code and if successful, you can now use WhatsApp and connect with your friends. Your contacts will automatically be synched with your WhatsApp contacts and you will see contacts that already have the app.

Since WhatsApp developers will be stopping their support on Nokia Asha/S40/S60 Symbian phones this year, it is best to have the latest updates. In line with this, learn more about the developments on WhatsApp 2.12.95 version.