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If you’re considering buying a Tesla Model 3 which is a highly anticipated and affordable electric vehicle here is an overview of what we know so far about it. You should also know that around 400.000 people have already placed a deposit for the car so you should probably hurry up if you want to get it.

The Tesla Model 3 is expected to sport different design features than what we’ve seen so far in their lineups. It will come with a flat and grill-less front and it is also smaller and stubbier that the previous Model S. The wheels are made of alloy and it is confirmed to come in three colors: dark blue, matte black and silver.

The interior will feature a 15 inch horizontal monitor placed in the middle and some viewers have noticed the overall lack of items for the driver to interact with (with the exception of the steering wheel and pedals) which suggests that it has self-driving abilities.

This upcoming EV is also believed to be more practical than the prototype unveiled by Tesla as E. Musk has stated that several changes will be made to the prototype before it enters mass production. One of those changes is the fixed tiny boot opening.

Much like the Model S and Model X vehicle before it, the Model 3 is presumed to feature autopilot capabilities such as lane changing, accident avoidance automatic steering and self-parking. The latter will actually enable owners to summon their car form the parking lot. However, these features will be available to owners for an extra fee of £2,100.

As for charging and power, the Model 3 is believed to run for 215 miles on a single charge and that it will be using a smaller battery than 60 kWh. Unfortunately, most of the details regarding the upcoming car’s performance have not been revealed just yet by Tesla Motors.

Lastly, the Model 3 is expected to be launched sometime in late 2017, but the pre-orders won’t be honored until 2018 and it’s priced at approximately £30,000.