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Fans are still uncertain about the future of the popular The Sims series; it was previously revealed by EA that the future of the well-established series actually depends on the success of The Sims 4. If the game fails to reach their sales targets then The Sims 5 will never be released and the series will end here.

According to reports from EA and developers of The Sims 4, the game hasn’t reached their expected sales prediction and fans suspect that this is main reason why the game still hasn’t been ported to consoles. However new reports state that The Sims 4 has sold over 5 million copes already. This was posted by the co-producer of The Sims on his Twitter account and some fans are doubtful about how true this is considering The Sims 2 has sold over 6 million copies since it’s release in 2004.

Current rumors suggest that The Sims 5 has been approved for development now but there is still no official news about this just yet.