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Just like any other Android device owners, it should be a boring experience not to have the latest update for your device. In fact, some consider this as unfair for only those who have the newest mobile device have the right to receive the updated version of the firmware.

The Samsung Galaxy S4, for instance, is not an exception for this matter. This is because it can only update to the latest Android 5 Lollipop due to some exceptions that the company didn’t announce officially.

The availability of the Android Marshmallow for the Galaxy S4 has not yet revealed by the company. However, most carriers didn’t show support for the latest firmware version. So, unless Samsung will give the signal to update this device, there is no chance that it will be updated any time soon.

Update for Lollipop is likely available over-the-air giving convenience to Samsung Galaxy device owners. This can be done by simply checking if your device has the latest firmware installed on it. You just have to tap the Settings tab, then go to About Device, and then check for the Software Updates. Some devices might already have the most recent update which is a bit older than the Android Marshmallow.

Nevertheless, this is no longer upgradable for the device because it has only been intended for a particular version of the device and any other update will no longer be accepted. Flashing of devices to a more recent firmware can be made possible to bypass all others no longer supported by Samsung.

If you think that your Samsung Galaxy S4 has the latest firmware, then think again because the device has only been limited to the Android Lollipop version only. If you want to upgrade your firmware manually, you can do this with the help of various websites offering custom ROMs to be able to update your device in no time.