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Pokémon Go is exciting and all but the fact remains that completing the Pokedex could be impossible. This is because 6 out of the 151 monsters are unattainable at the moment, and they happen to be legendary Pokémon. Sigh.

3 of the 145 Pokémon available is also found only in specific international locations. According to Brooklyn-based Nick Johnson, the first guy who completed his Pokedex, there are Pokémon available only in other parts of the world – Mr. Mime in Europe, Kangaskhan in Australia and New Zealand, and Farfetch’d in Asia.

An entire Pokedex have 151 monsters, 142 of which is in the US, 3 others in different parts of the world, and 6 that are still unaccounted for.

So Johnson completed his Pokedex. Yes, with a lot of effort. He spent eight hours daily to catch Pokémon, and traveled to where the other 3 Pokémon were found. He was lucky that Marriott Rewards and Expedia helped him catch them all.

Now the only thing that’s missing are the other 6.

Despite this disappointing news, there’s still plenty of reasons to be happy about.

‘Catching them all’ is an adventure on its own. You get to go outside and catch a Pokémon in places you may never have gone to if it wasn’t a Poke Stop. If you can afford it, you may even be encouraged to travel to these international destinations.

Moreover, finishing the Pokedex would mean catching all the legendary Pokémon within your region. That should account for something, right? You can then battle along with your captured legendary Pokémon, for some satisfying gym battles, or against friends and teammates.

If trading becomes available, however, it could enable you to complete your Pokedex faster and easier. Just catch hard-to-find Pokémon and then trade them back.

Of course, if second generation Pokémon will be available for your second regional Pokedex, no being able to complete the first regional Pokedex won’t be as disappointing.

You have to admit playing Pokémon Go is also a test of patience. Although you can’t complete a Pokedex right then and there, you will at least gain the virtue of patience.

And imagine how amazing it will be if Pokémon Go is released in 3DS.