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Some of you Minecrafters may not have noticed this, but recently, Mojang launched a small new patch for Minecraft by version number 1.35/ Content Update 32. The update is live on PS4 , PS3, PS Vita and Xbox One for now but it will come to other platforms very soon. Within a few days, to be more precise.

The update comes with very few but essential changes among which we can name fixes for the problem players had when they had to starve their characters to death in order to unlock the Hunger Pain achievement. There is also the fixed bug where the last player that died in Tumble would receive stuck respawning. The Battle mini game showdown sound was fixed and the crash problem players encountered when a client won a match and then quit the game was also solved.

The small floating skins that appeared in public Tumble games are now gone and finally, the vote-to-kick option in Mini Games has been removed and the host can only kick players in the Lobby now.

The PS3 update version also comes with extra fixes for the Birthday skin and Minecon packs because there was a problem there when they did not show up in the skin select option for the players with the Blu-ray version.

The previous update for the game with the version number 1.33 was launched at the end of August and it introduced the Tumble mini game, support for a new Battle DLC and new trophies for the Battle mini game.

The Tumble Mini Game comes in two variants: there’s the one where players can throw snowballs at their adversaries and then there’s the one where they use shovels. Every fight determines the winner based on a ‘best of three’ scheme and it takes place in a random area in the game.