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Rumors about The Last of Us 2 are currently divided; one set of rumors state that the game has been cancelled and the other suggests that the sequel will have a completely new cast without Joel or Ellie.

A recent interview with the voice of Ellie, Ashley Johnson, has revealed that she hasn’t been approached to work on a new game; she explained that the story could easily stand alone and that she was open to working on another game. While developer Naughty Dog hasn’t approached her about a sequel, it is possible that the team is working on a new game with a completely different cast or it would be set before Ellie met Joel.

Naughty Dog has been very quiet about the possibility of The Last of Us 2 but the team has been occupied with supporting Uncharted 4 so it wouldn’t be too surprising if the team wanted to wait a while before talking about the next game. Some gamers suspect that the next game will actually be released with the next console generation.

Hopefully Naughty Dog will start to comment on the future of The Last of Us 2 very soon.