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New rumors have emerged lately about the upcoming RPG from Bethedsa, The Elder Scrolls 6 has not been announced yet and Bethesda has no plans to begin developing the game just yet as they have several other projects to complete first.

It’s now been suggested that The Elder Scrolls 6 is being inspired by the Dark Souls series; according to the new rumors, the company is interested in various mechanics in the game including combat, puzzles and also the quests. This would take the series in a very different direction but the combat modifications would make The Elder Scrolls 6 much more engaging for players.

It also looks like Bethesda is no longer looking at integrating TES6 with VR however there are still some rumors that suggest the company will still give the game VR support.

Players should not expect to see The Elder Scrolls 6 until 2019 at least and the game that’s released could be very different to the rest of the series; more news about the game will continue to be released as 2019 approaches and hopefully Bethesda will be able to confirm the rumors surrounding the game before then.