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The latest OS from Google – Android 7.0 Nougat – is now available on several Nexus devices and it’s expected to reach the rest of them by the end of next year. The OS comes with several improvements made based on its predecessor, the Android Marshmallow OS, and here are 5 of those new features.

  1. Split Screen

The Split Screen enables users to use more than one app in a single screen. In order to do so, you’ll have to open an app and then press and hold down the overview button so that you could chose other apps to add to the screen. However, you should know that not all apps support the split screen function, but most of the important ones do.

  1. More battery life with the aid of the Doze Mode

We firsts saw the Doze Mode in Android Marshmallow and its purpose was to save battery life when the screen was off. However, it only worked if the phone was still. The new Doze Mode featured in Nougat no longer requires the device to be still; it immediately starts to save power as soon as the screen is off.

  1. File encryption

Android Nougat’s predecessors would encrypt phones using a full-disk encryption, thus encrypting the phone as a whole. The new OS encrypts every file individually thus making everything more secure.

  1. Notification direct reply

The new OS comes with revamped notifications that fill the entire screen. They also enable users to reply directly from the notification and in the case of Messenger or Hangout, users will also have many quick reply options.

  1. Data saving features

Android Nougat also offers a Data Saver function that keeps apps from running in the background if you’re on the monthly data plan. It does however let them run if you’re connected to a WiFi source.