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Pokémon Go is the best mobile app-based game to date. But now that people have gone past the hype and fad stage, they now want to see more feature updates in the future. Trading Pokémon and battling with friends outside the gym, would be two of the best features that could happen to Pokémon Go. But more would be better.

Sharing items

When you have an endless supply of Pidgeys and Doduos, you would want to trade it for something else you haven’t caught yet. Being able to share or trade in multiple Pokémon to the Professor would definitely speed things up, especially if you can do it in one swoop.

Addition of a tracking item

What this particular item does is to help you find a specific Pokémon that you have been looking for, pointing you in the right direction. This can be implemented in several ways. The Pokémon can show up in a specific location in the map, or creates a trail that you can track down.

Gym notifications

In the mobile game Fallout Shelter, players are notified when their vaults are under attack. Wouldn’t it be nice if Pokémon Go will have a similar feature? When a gym is under attack, for instance, all team members will be notified to help defend their turf and retain ownership.

Social networking features

The idea behind social networking is to provide a platform where people can communicate and collaborate. The same idea will prove useful to Pokémon Go. This particular feature should allow teammates to send messages to each other, notify team members that you are in the area attacking a gym, or inform you of what other players within the vicinity have accomplished. This will make playing Pokémon Go more immersive.

Accessibility options for players with disabilities

Everyone wants to play Pokémon Go, including people with physical limitations or have mobility issues. This is why many of them want the game to have accessibility options, such as voice-enabled controls, one-button Pokémon catching, and a timer-based egg hatching. Niantic Labs, Pokémon Go’s developer, can use the AbleGamers Includification guide to alter the game and make it PWD-friendly. AbleGamers is an organization and charity campaigning for the inclusion of players with disabilities.

Let’s hope the next update after Buddy, will showcase one of these features.