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Windows Phone and Windows 10 mobile users are still waiting for Niantic to port the game to their devices; several months ago, Microsoft Portugal hinted that Pokemon Go would be arriving for the devices very soon but there has been no more official news about this.

Owners of these devices can still install a third-party version of Pokemon Go named PoGo which works in the exact same way as the official game; the developers are also dedicated to bringing the game closer to the original version while also being able to get around the constantly updated security measure the servers now have.

Windows Phone users launched a petition to ask Niantic to port the game to their devices; it quickly gained over 100,000 signatures however since August 2nd, the petition has only just gained another 15,000 signatures which suggests that users have either given up or are no longer interested in the game.

It looks like Windows Phone users have settled for the third party PoGo app and have given up on the dream of Niantic bringing an official version of the game to their mobile devices.