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Tom Clancy’s The Division has been in trouble for a while now and is still struggling with exploits and glitches that fill the game; it’s sad but the issues with the game and the final version of the game didn’t meet the expectations set by gamers and as a result most just ignored the game.

Now the developer is looking to fix the issues with the game using the next big update for the game; the developers have reached out to their community to form an Elite Task Force of players who will help them locate the issues with the game.

While the bugs are a major issue for the game, the developers need to look at the entire game; many players left the game or didn’t buy it because it lacked the atmosphere it had at the start and endgame content. The problems cover a wide range of areas which will probably mean that the team needs to release several large updates to deal with everything.

Update 1.4 first needs to focus on fixing the various exploits, bugs and glitches in the game before dealing with all of the other issues in the game.