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Previously, Nintendo announced its plans to move further into mobile gaming with some of its most popular series. The first of those games is coming soon, as Super Mario Run got a surprise iOS announcement.

Super Mario Run is not a traditional Mario game. Instead, it’s a running game where Mario automatically runs across the screen and you must tap in order to make him jump. You’ll jump to clear gaps, obstacles, and enemies, and to collect coins.

The length of your tap determines how high Mario jumps, within reason, and they also announced blocks that change his direction or trajectory. Using proper jumps and these blocks will be key to getting high scores.

Speaking of high scores, Super Mario Run also includes Toad Rally mode, which lets you try to beat someone else’s score. Finally, you can spend your collected coins to create your own level.

When it comes to mobile gaming, the one thing many players worry about is the payment system. Microtransactions and in-app purchases can turn many people away. Fortunately, Super Mario Run doesn’t use that model. While the initial download will be free, after that it’s only a one-time purchase to buy the full game.

Although Super Mario Run is coming soon, the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem mobile games are not. They have been delayed until early 2017.

Super Mario Run has also raised new concerns, but don’t worry. These mobile games shouldn’t take away from Nintendo’s console and handheld development, and it’s extremely unlikely this means no true Mario games will be made. It’s just a small spin-off—and many people said for years that Nintendo should bring some of its properties to the mobile market. In fact, due to the profitability of the mobile market, we can hope this decision will help Nintendo in the long run.

What do you think? Are you going to give Super Mario Run a try? Are you waiting for the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem games? Or will you pass on Nintendo’s mobile offerings? Share your thoughts on Super Mario Run for iOS in the comments.