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So far, Sony Interactive Entertainment has enjoyed a pretty good year. Yesterday they had a PlayStation meeting that continued the excitement we felt at the E3 in June. The team showed the public the next step they want to make on their quest of conquering home console area. As it seems, the next release is going to be the PS 4 Pro.

We could see that the company has a good tactics: they focus mainly on showing, not on telling, which is great for people who are sick and tired of hearing rumors and incomplete information. If you own a UHD display, you should be really happy about the recent news, since PS4 Pro will merge beautifully with the extra pixels and HDR capacities your screen has.

Compared to the Xbox One S, Sony also showed that it’s a good idea to buy a Pro, despite not having a 4K TV. The new device will make your old games look better and move faster on any 1080p TV, which you probably already own. PlayStation VR games will also get an improvement in graphics and speed.

The machine will be available starting November 10 for the price of $399. It seems that this end-of-the-year release with close the gap between Sony and Microsoft a little more, the Asian company hoping that they will lead the market after the release.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is offering you two options: either you buy the Xbox One S now and enjoy good technology, or you can wait until next fall for the so-called Project Scorpio, which will supposedly bring you the latest features available. However, waiting for the Project Scorpio is an act of faith in essence, since there is no warranty that the future console will be as great as the company is advertising it.