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Pokémon Go is taking over the world, with almost everyone having a go at the mobile app-based game. It may have a few downsides, but the positives outweigh safety and security concerns.

What makes Pokémon Go exciting?

Aside from the fact that it takes you out into the real world, without losing sight of the virtual world, it brings people together as part of a team – Instinct, Valor and Mystic. In a recent Twitter poll by the Pokémon account, Team Mystic is voted the most popular. From over 159,000 votes, 41% went to team Mystic, 33% to Team Valor and 26% to team Instinct.

But even when you’re part of the team, you can still choose to catch a Pokémon all on your own.

Why not work together with your teammates?

Claim more gyms for the team

Divide and conquer has never been more applicable than in Pokémon Go. Because you’re part of the team, you are a representative of that team in every game you play, which means if you conquer an enemy gym, you earn one for the entire squad. So even if you’re only allowed to train at your team’s gym once you take a pick among Instinct, Valor and Mystic, there will be plenty of room for everyone.

Opportunity to battle with friends

It is one thing to work together, and another to battle against friends or teammates as part of training. So there’s really no need to work together as a team at all times, unless you are faced with a nearly invincible enemy.

Increase a gym’s Prestige

When you train and battle against teammates or friends in a gym owned by your team, there’s an opportunity to make your gym’s prestige level go up. Prestige determines how difficult it will be to take over your team’s gym. So if you manage to defeat all of your team’s Pokémon, its prestige level will go up, making it more difficult to conquer. Under the circumstances, an individual’s effort will benefit the entire team.

Are you a step closer to being part of the team? Gameplay will be more exciting sooner when the Pokémon Go Buddy System will be introduced.