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This is a battle that has been going on for a couple of decades now: should you be gaming on the PC or on the console? Of course, there are people who support each side and both sides have pretty good arguments, but which one should be the winner? Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should buy a PC and not a console.

First things first, you are most affected by the price of the machine/device. Generally, you can spend even thousands of dollars on a powerful PC or just $300-400 for a gaming console. However, PCs became cheaper recently and the cost may drop even more if you build your own from space pieces you find on discount.

Upgrading is another issue that concerns gamers. With consoles, you can’t use one product too much before it becomes obsolete. And if you want to follow technology close, you have to buy another one and another one and so on. That’s why you can’t really upgrade a console, you just get a new one. Meanwhile, you can totally upgrade a PC with different parts if you want to.

Initially people bought consoles for playing exclusive games which were available only there. However, nowadays almost all the games you want come in different versions and there is even a trend among consoles to make them compatible with the PC. So why throw money away when the console has become just a platform to tie in to the PC?

But perhaps the most convincing argument to convince you to play on a PC rather than on a gaming console is the fact that you most likely need a PC anyways. And why not use what you already have instead of replacing a device more often than you would invest money on your machine?