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Minecraft for PS3, PS4 & PS Vita has received a small patch that came with a few changes. It is good to know that the PS3 version also comes with fixes for the Minecon Pack and Birthday skin pack, which were not showing in the skin select for players with the blu-ray version.

Minecraft Update 1.35 for PS3, PS4 & PS Vita: Changes

  • The vote-to-kick function in Mini games has been removed and the host will be able to kick players only in the Lobby;
  • The floating, oddly shaped and small skins have been disabled in public Tumble games;
  • A bug that was causing the Battle mini game showdown to play Tumble mini game showdown sound has been fixed;
  • A bug that was causing the last dead player in Tumble to get stuck re-spawning has been fixed;
  • A bug that was allowing you to unlock the Hunger Pain achievement by killing yourself while starving has been fixed;
  • A bug that was causing the game to crash if a player won the match and then quit the game has been fixed.

We remind you that the previous Minecraft Update version 1.33 has been released at the end of August and it added new Trophies for Battle Mini Game, Tumble Mini Game and also support for the new Battle DLC.

There are reports which say that the developers will release some new interesting features for the Minecraft game sometime in the near future. Unfortunately, there is no information on when it will be released and what it will contain. However, as soon as we will find some details about it, we will let you know!

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