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We know a new update is on the way for Minecraft, but we still don’t know what new features it will contain. Update 1.11 is said to be bigger than Update 1.10 was, but a small update overall. However, we should have a better idea of what the new Minecraft update will bring with it later this month, as new details will be revealed at MineCon 2016.

MineCon, the convention devoted to Minecraft, will be held in Anaheim, California this year. It takes place on September 24 and 25.

Leading up to MineCon, Mojang has shared snapshots of the game’s current state, such as this most recent one, which focuses on numerous bug fixes. Bug fixes are always good to hear about and test, but for players more interested in learning about the bigger Minecraft changes on the horizon, the post also reaffirms that they “will show you all the new exciting features for 1.11” at MineCon.

Meanwhile, Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten has gone into slightly more detail on Twitter about some of the changes coming to Minecraft. For example, he recently described the “maxEntityCramming” game rule coming in Update 1.11, which makes it so that only 24 entities can be on a single spot. It will apply to both mobs and players.

This has some players concerned because of its effect on mob grinding, but fans are already working out ways to get around it, such as creating slightly larger areas to allow for more mobs at once.

Other than these little details provided through the snapshots and Tweets, however, we still know very little about what is contained in Update 1.11, let alone when it will be available.

What are you most hoping to see added to Minecraft with the release of Update 1.11? Do you think the “exciting features” promised for MineCon will live up to that description? Are you looking forward to MineCon itself?

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