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The next iteration of the iPhone will be revealed to the public on the 7th of September this year. For this reason, there is a huge amount of fuss going around regarding the features of the next-gen mobile device. In fact, online rumors have already taken full-blast way ahead of the announcement in September.

Much Anticipated Features of the iPhone 7

  • Enhanced Photo Capture Capabilities

Perhaps one thing is certain for Apple fans about the iPhone 7, which is the photo feature that every photo enthusiast should be happy about. According to sources, the new iOS device will feature the 4 LED flash lighting system. This will include a couple of LEDs in warm colors, while another pair goes for the cool colors, plus a sensor for ambient lighting.

It is uncertain though whether these new features will appear on the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 or the 4.7-inch model. On top of that, it will feature a dual lens camera that should be capable of acquiring SLR-quality images.

  • Possibility of Colored Handsets

Another noticeable indication of the new iPhone 7 include the colored dots atop the logo of Apple. This simply indicates that it might be introducing some colored handsets this time. This might also be an indication that such dots are color droplets in which the company is looking forward to build a waterproof line of Apple devices.

  • Improved Camera Lens

In order to avoid out-of-focus effect from a camera, it requires better camera lens. Basically, it is hard to achieve at the standpoint of Apple. However, this has been mastered by Apple with their release of the iPhone 7.

Expected Release Date

The unveiling of the iPhone 7 is already certain to be out very soon. The upcoming event will take place on September 7 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium located in San Francisco, California.

However, even if the launch will occur on the 7th of September, dates between unveiling and going on sale might have some slight gap. Therefore, the actual sale will go on the following week or so.

iPhone 6SE Instead of iPhone 7?

Many fans are expecting the next iPhone to be named iPhone 7. However, some people are suggesting that Apple might opt for the iPhone 6SE instead. Apparently, the name might make sense as rumors point out to the next iPhone from Apple will be an iterative update instead of being an overhaul to its design.

More iPhone 7 Design Features

Although the new iPhone 7 might look exactly like the iPhone 6s, rumors have pointed out to several key improvements. Accordingly, the new device will have a thinner structure with a larger display. Moreover, it might come in two different sizes including the 5.5-inch and the 4.7-inch models. Both will have aluminum body though just as the iPhone 6s. Likewise, the white lines of the plastic antenna across the back should be removed as well as the 3.5mm headphone port found at the base of the device.