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We are getting closer and closer to the second weekend in September, which has already become a tradition when it comes to showing our appreciation to Apple’s yearly refresh for the iPhone series. However, this year something is going to be different: you will not just lose some money out of your wallet, but you will also lose the classic 3.5 mm audio jack on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Warning! Some of you might be frightened by how far technology has reached in such a short time. Proceed with caution.

It seems that many people are decided to skip this version of the iPhone due to this drastic change in headphones, there are still many others who are very excited about getting their hands on the newest products from Apple. If you belong to the second category, then you’ll be happy to know that on September 9, Apple made available preorders for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

You can find them on Apple’s website and mobile app, but you should probably head to the mobile app since the website is booked with people who want to buy the latest releases. Also, the four main US carriers provide you with a chance to get the phones, along with retailers such as Target and Best Buy. On September 13 we will see the beginning of the shipping of Apple Watch Series 2, which you will also be able to preorder in the Apple store.

Despite the controversy surrounding the headphones, both devices have a fresh look and bring up great new features and advantages. The dual-lens camera offers a greater zoom and a Portrait mode, for instance. Both products are water resistant and have replaced the classic home button with a Taptic Engine.