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Along with the launch of the much-hyped-about iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at the Apple’s massive event on Wednesday, the tech giant also announced the release of the final “Gold Master” version of its new iOS 10 software – better known as iOS 10 GM. Apple has released this final version of its iOS 10 update prior to the public launch of iOS 10 to be held on September 13th.

Hence, iOS 10 GM is now publicly available for download to all those users who took part in the developer beta and public beta testing programs for iOS 10. This seed is actually the final version of iOS 10 software and can be downloaded and installed on any iOS 10 compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices.

Reason for calling it iOS 10 GM

As you might have known by now that GM stands for “Gold Master” which, in general, signifies the final version or “build” of the software. The term “Gold Master” is basically derived from the time when software was distributed using discs; the last edition of the software was then referred to as ‘gold master’ build or version that was sent ahead for mass production and distribution. The final version of the software is also sometimes called “Release To Manufacturing” or “RTM builds.”

Therefore, this final version of iOS 10 update is being called as iOS 10 GM build, which means that the final build will be the one without any unforeseen and unexpected issues. The iOS 10 GM would be publicly available for download to all non-beta users on September 13th.

Downloading iOS 10 GM

It’s pretty easy to download iOS 10 GM for users who already have the public beta version of iOS 10 installed on their device. To download the iOS 10 GM build right now, they can simply navigate to Settings > General > Software Update section on their device and get the over-the-air (OTA) update from over there easily.

If you are currently not running the beta version of iOS 10 yet, then you can go to and sign up there to get a hold of the final build of iOS 10, or simply wait until next week for Apple to launch the iOS 10 GM to users all over the world.

The final version of the iOS 10 update is 2GB in size and occupies a little more space to get installed on your iPhone or iPad. Always remember to back up your devices before you opt for installing any software update. For now, any iOS user can participate in the public beta program for downloading the update. But you have to make sure to back up your iPhone or iPad and take a look at the iOS 10 compatibility list before doing so.

Troubleshooting iOS 10 GM installation process

While installing the iOS 10 GM build on their device, some iOS users are facing the issue of an error message that says “Unable to Install Update – An error occurred installing iOS 10,” accompanied with a “Retry” and “Remind me later” options. If you see this message, then make sure that your device is running a stable and smooth Wi-Fi connection and has enough battery to allow the update to get installed. After making sure about these two things, use the “Retry” option several times to continue with the installation process.

If the error message continues to pop up, then you need to free up extra space on your device to allow the update to get installed as the download itself needs around 2GB. So, it means you must have an extra 1GB of space on your device for the successful installation of the update.