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Current rumors state that that the Biker themed DLC which was due for release last month is now scheduled for release this month; according to the new rumor, Rockstar had trouble with the DLC and were forced to delay it to fix the issues.

The Biker DLC is now expected for release September 20th and several sources have quoted this date; while Rockstar have not officially announced this DLC, it is believed that the developer will announce the Biker DLC in the next few days.

Fans of GTA V will need to wait and see if this rumor is correct but players have been expecting a Biker DLC for quite some time now; evidence of the DLC was first noticed in July where pieces of the code was included in the files for the Cunning Stunts DLC. If this isn’t released this month then gamers will be left feeling quite frustrated but GTA V players should expect to see this arriving very soon.