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A lot has been said about the rumored Google Nexus 2016 that may leave us confused. Here are some of the things that seem plausible or are entirely accurate:

First of all, it’s now Pixel

Yes, there was a time when we were fearful for the life of the Nexus line but they managed to survive. Only now, Google is axing the name that most people are familiar with and rebranding it to Pixel. This change will take effect with the Nexus 5. Since the Nexus 6 – which is the Nexus 2016 – is bigger, it will be called Pixel XL.

It will most definitely run on Nougat

It just makes sense that this will be the device’s OS given it’s the latest one rolled out. It’s also possible that the Nexus 2016 will be running on Android 7.1 because bugs and fixes are eternal.

It might be the most Google-centric Nexus yet

What’s has been clear is Google’s plan to leave manufacturing to established names. Plus, CEO Sundar Pichai has said that the search giant will put their focus on design and software instead. This might be a clue that the company may be quite involved when it comes to future Nexus devices.

It has a rumored launch date

That date being October 4, 2016. Just like with their previous releases, it’s expected that the on sale date will be towards the end of the launch month.

It might be pricier than Nexus phones

Yes, Nexus has been a low-cost option but that changed when the Nexus 6P was launched in 2015 with quite the hefty price tag. Since two phones are rumored, the smaller one might be a little more pocket friendly.

It will come with a bevy of features

This one’s quite obvious but here are some of the rumors that make sense: It will come in two varieties: 5-inch and 5.5-inch displays. The phone will have quite the powerful processor to keep up with Nougat. The camera might feature improved low-light performance as well as some tricks. It also may or may not feature virtual reality.

While most of these are speculations, here’s how it may stack up to the already released Google Nexus 5X.

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