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You may have wondered at some point if Google Maps could be used for more than just showing you where you are and helping you get an Uber ride? Well, so has Google and now it appears that Google Maps is now offering other ride hailing services along with its mapping services.

How does it work? First of all, the new ride services Google Maps has a contract with are Lyft and Gett. When you open the Google Maps service, you will notice that a Lyft button will appear next to a Gett one which will, of course, enable you to hail a ride using these two services. If you already have the Uber, Lyft or Gett apps on your phone then you should see a lot of info on possible rides as soon as you search for a street in Google Maps. The info ranges from fare estimates to possible pickup times.

This is offering people alternative rides to the usual Uber ones that they could access via Google Maps. The inclusion of Uber in Google Maps was meant to make the app more useful to the user. And now, with these latest ride hailing additions to it, Google Maps offers more solutions to a person in need of a ride.

Google Maps is not the only app that has offered this type of complex ride options feature. Before it, there was a startup company by the name Coral Rides that attempted the same thing in 2013, but it failed. The company got access to Lyft and Uber data without permission and had to shut down when the respective ride companies found out.

Another interesting thing about the situation is that Uber’s terms of use forbids people from placing Uber next to a competitor so some people are wondering how Google Maps managed to do this and for how long will it last.