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The full roster for WWE 2K17 has officially been revealed by 2K which shows that this is the biggest WWE game ever created; there are more than 130 playable characters however fans have noticed that the list is missing some previous notable WWE stars.

Fans certainly have a lot of new faces coming to the game series with this annual installment but older fans have noticed that there are quite a few famous wrestlers still missing from the list; hopefully 2K Games will be adding them to the game later as DLC characters. WWE fans have noted that Eddie Guerrero is still missing from the rooster, his death in 2005 shook the world of wrestling and is one of the most memorable WWE fighters of all time. Other fighters such as CM Punk, Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio are also missing from the game.

The bright side however is that there are now 22 female wrestlers in the game which is an increase from the 13 that were seem last year. Players also have 56 WWE Legends with playable characters such as The Rock, Booker T, Andre The Giant and Trish Stratus.