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The final DLC was released for Bethesda’s Fallout 4 last week; Nuka-World introduces a new theme park area to the game and allows the player to lead their own bandit gang to attack settlements with. Fans have discovered a hidden but incredible easter egg in the game which took them by surprise but few players would disagree with Bethesda for adding this.

Several months ago, a fan on Reddit by the name of “NoohjXLVII” posted his experience with the game and why he loved it so much; the game allowed him to bond with his father before he passed away later in the year and his brother was being rushed to the ICU at the time of posting the comment. His brother, Evan, later died due to the Diabetes-related complications.

Bethesda not only saw the story but even added Evan to the game; Evan can be found in the Nuka-World DLC as an NPC living in a trailer at the southern tip. Good Guy Evan will happily give his supplies to the player and even hands over a Nuka Cola recipe. According to his family, this was just like Evan in real life also.

It’s amazing to see Bethesda taking note of their fans in this way and the developer has given the family one of the best gifts imaginable.