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EA and Visceral Games have been silent about Dead Space 4 for several years now and news about the game has stopped almost entirely. All news released about the game over the past few years have been quite varied which doesn’t give Dead Space fans any information about the game.

In 2013 it was rumored that EA was shutting down the project but the company released a public statement shortly after to deny this but the company went silent after this. The most recent news for the game was released last year when the Visceral Games general manager commented that they had not forgotten about the Dead Space series and that they would like to return to the series.

The developer is currently working on other projects such as an upcoming Star Wars game and supporting their last release which was Battlefield Hardline.

While the Dead Space series is not over yet, it doesn’t look like a new game will be coming any time soon; it is possible though that the team will return to Dead Space and release a new title for the next console generation or for VR.