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Following the discovery of a buddy system in Pokemon Go’s code, game developer Niantic has confirmed that the Buddy feature will come to the phenomenal app-based game in its fall updates. The new system will allow players to choose a Pokemon to keep them company as they train or engage in battles.

You can choose any Pokemon to be your special buddy in the game. Once you’ve made your pick, your buddy will appear next to your avatar in the trainer screen, and will follow you as you work and collect candies you need to evolve your Pokemon.

But that’s not all the Buddy system has to offer.

Battling wild Pokemon is much more exciting with your chosen buddy Pokemon. This is especially true if your buddy has the capacity to knock off your opponent without unleashing its ultimate powers. So, yes, you need to choose wisely.

Wandering around with your buddy would also open up “unique in-game rewards and experiences”, according to Niantic. One example is a candy for walking together, and other helpful bonuses. Leveling up a specific Pokemon will be a lot easier.

So basically, you are emulating Ash and Pikachu in the animated series. This also means the buddy system will have certain restrictions.

  • It can’t perform other tasks within the game.
  • It can’t be traded unless you un-buddy it.
  • It can’t participate in gym battles.

Fans are hoping that the last restriction will be tweaked or lifted altogether. What’s the point of having a buddy Pokemon if it can’t help you seize control of a gym? It would also be amazing if there is a way to heal a buddy after battling wild Pokemon. Depending on the healing time, it could be ready to face another wild battle in a few minutes.

It is also important to note that the candies selected with your buddy will have a different distance and time requirement than regular candies. According to the Pokemon Go blog site, for trainers to have Rattata when utilizing the candies from the buddy system, they would have to walk a distance of 25 kilometers for a total of two and a half hours.

Still, the Pokemon Go buddy system is the best update to date.