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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is just about to receive its final DLC release from developer Treyarch; the final DLC is called Salvation Revelations which brings a brand new co-op story to the game along with four new multiplayer maps for the game.

The co-op story is the final chapter of the Origins Zombies saga where players take control of each character as they finally meet Doctor Monty and fight one more epic battle against the endless waves of zombies.

Players also have several multiplayer maps to look forwards to; one of the maps is a reimagined Black op’s 2 Standoff map which has been converted into a Western Town and also the classic Outskirts map from World at War which is now a high-tech facility. There are also two new maps coming with the DLC which have a more medieval theme.

The final DLC was released early for PlayStation 4 owners who can now purchase it and fight in the new co-op experience with their friends. Xbox One and PC gamers will need to wait until October for the release of the expansion.