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Split-screen is a feature that Samsung has introduced on its high-end smartphones and tablets and Google has taken its example and brought this mode to Nougat. With its help, users are able to run two applications on the screen, simultaneously, but some users were wondering if it’s possible to run two copies of the same application. Parallel Windows for Nougat is an experimental application that permits running the same application in both sides of the screen.

To launch split-screen mode in Nougat, open an application, then touch and hold the Intents button, which is known as the “recent apps” button. Its icons will change and it will indicate you that you’ve entered split view. The app will occupy half of the screen and in the other half you’ll see a list of previously-used applications. Those that don’t support split-screen view will inform you through a small pop-up notice that will appear over their cards, so you will need to scroll until you find supported applications and tap on them and add the to the other half of the screen. To return to one application, touch and hold the Intents button.

But to run two copies of the same application in split-screen, use Parallel Windows for Nougat, an application that also offers a “mirror” option. To access all of its features, open the floating panel with a swipe. An application can be mirrored by opening the panel and tapping on it, to be copied to the other half of the screen. The application is in its early phase, so it may be buggy, but the developer promised to improve it over time and make it more stable, because until now, users have complained that some of the applications that have been mirrored didn’t behave properly. The problem might be related to older versions of applications, which should be updated for Nougat.