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Currently there is only one promising emulator for the Nintendo 3DS however there is currently no stable version available for download which does mean that players will still find some major issues with it.

Citra is mostly known as a Nintendo DS Emulator for the PC but the team has also moved their attentions to the 3DS which currently lacks good Emulators; the developers are hard at work with their Emulator and release regular and nightly updates to improve the different aspects. In May, the team released a build that was much more stable and supporter higher resolutions without compromising on the performance. Since then, the team have released many more builds for the Emulator.

New versions of Citra can be downloaded from the official website and must be done manually; the team release new builds for it every night however, these are usually minor changes. Large updates are also released periodically.

The team behind Citra are good at communicating with their fans and have now launched an official Discord server where they regularly speak with fans to collect feedback for their next update.