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What many WhatsApp users may not know is that there are certain apps on Google Play that can make the communication tool even more convenient for Android devices. Here are three helpful apps you can try.

  1. Tablet for WhatsApp

This is great for those who prefer a bigger display and keypad when chatting with friends or loved ones. The app allows you to use WhatsApp simultaneously on your smartphone and your tablet. Plus, since it syncs both your gadgets, your contacts and photos can be accessed on your phone and tab, and you can be contacted on either device.

  1. Messenger and Chat Lock

Are you extra particular about your privacy and security? Then this app is for you. It lets you create a PIN for WhatsApp, Facebook, and other messaging and chat applications so you have extra protection in keeping your account and device safe from intruders and from those who just want to snoop into your private affairs. When the wrong code is entered, your front camera will automatically take a picture of the ‘criminal’ and save it in the app.

  1. Update for Whastapp

If you want to make sure you always have the most recent WhatsApp features in your Android device, then download this app. It can automatically check if there is a recent version not found on Google Play without having to go through the WhatsApp official website. And if there is a newer one, you will receive a notification.

If you want to enjoy even more cool features and customization options for WhatsApp, then you can also download certain versions, such as WhatsApp Blue and WhatsApp Plus. However, before downloading any app or version, make sure to read reviews and tips to ensure you won’t be installing anything that can harm your privacy or device.