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At the end of August, developer TheFlow announced that they were releasing the Vitamin hack tool for the PS Vita which allows owners of the handheld console to decrypt and copy any official PS vita game.

The game can then be run on a hacked PS Vita which was made to be DRM-Free and runs the firmware 3.60 update.


The hack is available through and is illegal in most countries; Sony constantly releases updates to deal with security breaches or hacks and as a result, the firmware on most PS Vita has been updated past firmware 3.60.


This version of the Vitamin hack includes improved game dumping compatibility and also removes a game destroying bug that would cause games to become corrupt if the console entered sleep mode. It features several other useful features such a a progress bar that tells the user how long the dumping process will take.

Detailed instructions for installing the hack are available on the official download and through the official website for the hacking team that created the software.