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Microsoft should, according to their own announcements, release their hybrid between a laptop and a tablet this October. The Surface Pro 5 is expected to be one of the best hybrid Microsoft produced, and the company is really known for the innovations it brought in terms of software and devices. It seems that the new devices will be available for purchase by next year though.

Mobile n Apps reported that Microsoft decided to launch the product in October to counteract another release planned by their rivals from Apple, that of the new MacBook Pro 2016, which is expected to take place during the same month.

Even so, neither of the companies made any official statement regarding the unveiling of the next generation of laptops.

Due to this parallel release and development, a tough competition is going on between the best companies on the market. As such, the tech market for this year seems to be filled with ambitions and rivalries.

This can only be good for the users, since they will get to enjoy the best technology available at perhaps a competitive price.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

And since we’re talking about technology, the Surface Pro 5 is expected to bring up 4K Ultra HD display quality at a 3840×2160 pixels resolution. The inside sports 16 GB RAM, while the graphics processor should be a top-notch one, either an AMD one that is based on Polaris or an NVIDIA one based on Pascal. The CPU is most likely an Intel Kaby Lake one.

Moreover, it seems that the device will come together with a Surface Pen running on a rechargeable battery or with a stylus running on 4A batteries from the Surface series.

Whichever the options it would be, it would support wireless charging when you attach it magnetically to the tablet. You will also enjoy USB 3.1 ports that support speeds up to 10 GB/second.