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Yes, there are Android users who are currently enjoying Nougat, version 7 and the latest operating system version, but this doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun. Rolling out a new version of Android is quite the tricky process as it may take months after the initial release for you to get the update.

While the wisest choice is to wait for an OTA update, there are times when you just itch to see what Marshmallow is about. That, or you don’t like what Nougat has to offer. Whichever the case, this post will tell you how to manually install Android Marshmallow on your phone.

Installing Android Marshmallow

#1: Enable USB debugging

Go to Settings then scroll down to About phone. Tap that button seven times after which it tells you that Developer options has been enabled. You can now see this in the Settings page so tap on it then turn on USB debugging.

Don’t forget to enable OEM locking as well but keep in mind that this will delete everything on your device.

#2: Download 15 seconds ADB installer

Download this tool from its website and make sure to get the latest version. When installing, you will be asked if you want to install ADB and Fastboot. Type Y using your keyboard then press Y again when asked to install ADB system-wide as well as to install device drivers. After everything has been installed, restart your computer.

The program will be installed, by default, in C:\adb

#3: Download Android Marshmallow

Go to Google’s Android Developer website to get an image. Make sure to get the correct one for your device. The file is a .tgz compressed file which you will need to extract once it has finished downloading. After you’ve extracted the files, add these to the folder where the ADB tool is installed.

#4: Flash Marshmallow to your device

Turn your device off and plug it into your computer. Start it in fastboot mode (follow the directions meant for your device as it varies). Once your device is in that mode, open the folder where the image file is located. In that folder, a file called flash-all.bat will be found. Run that file by double-clicking on it and that will commence the installation of Android 6.0 on your device. Once your device reboots, it will boot to one that is running Marshmallow.

While Nougat has some interesting features, you might want to revert back to Marshmallow. Or, if you still have not received Android 6.0 and you’re device is compatible, follow the steps listed here.

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