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Many Samsung devices are still at the mercy of over-the-air (OTA) updates for the Android Marshmallow update. It is understandable that many Samsung users are getting restless not getting major Android upgrades in time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has not yet been able to receive updates OTA. Perhaps in the long run, but for the moment, it seems unlikely that this device will receive the official Marshmallow update.

Samsung Galaxy S4

On another note, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is also another device that may not be able to receive the same Marshmallow update any time soon. As a matter of fact, it might be unlikely that this unit will receive the Marshmallow update via data carriers. This device can be updated though with help from custom ROMs.

Samsung Galaxy S5

The only device on this list of Android devices that is capable of receiving Android Marshmallow firmware is the Samsung Galaxy S5. However, not all carriers are able to support this update in which this can be a problem for many Android users.

Android Update Exceptions

Take note that most updates are not supported by other carriers because the capacity of the mobile device might not be suited with the version of Android being released. Hence, it is important to manually visit the update page by tapping ‘Settings’ followed by tapping ‘about phone’ to be able to determine if there is any available software update for your device.

For those who want to update their existing device but not yet been given the approval from the official source, it might be possible to do it via manual update. Updating the Samsung Galaxy S5 might only require proper execution and following instructions to avoid any untoward incidents.