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The update for Android Marshmallow has never stopped but lots of mobile device owners are still looking forward for the latest Android 7 Nougat release. Well, it might be a little bit early for that but here are some important updates to consider.

Nougat for Select Android Devices

The new update for the latest Android has already been released for Nexus tablets and smartphones. On the fourth quarter of this year, many other devices will also receive this new update. Makers of Samsung, LG, and HTC devices are just a few of the many who can enjoy the latest Android firmware.

Samsung Nougat Update

The update for Android Nougat’s final version has been released by Google and many of the features will be going to the new Samsung Nougat. The version of Samsung might be a little different but this should be the company’s foundation to be used for the brand of upgrades for the Nougat.

This version of Samsung is still being developed, but one of the expected update should involve the improved support for stylus. Thus, it will include several other devices such as the Galaxy S6 Edge and the S7. Part of the development is the S Pen which is bundled in product line of the Galaxy Note.

At the same time, the new update will include overhaul of the TouchWiz coming with the optional app drawer. This information has leaked after beta software of the Galaxy line was used on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Release Date of Nougat

The public release of the Nougat for the Nexus devices has signaled the upcoming update for the Galaxy. Rumors suggest that this new update will be rolling out on the fourth quarter of this year. According to sources, the company is planning to release the first Android Nougat for the Galaxy Note 7 which is firmly scheduled before the year ends.