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Apple fans’ excitement over the iOS 9.3.4 jailbreaking tool has just been cut short by the release of iOS 9.3.5.

Towards the end of August, renowned Chinese hacking team Pangu dropped a jailbreaking tool for iOS 9.3.4. This was completely unexpected since, a few weeks before, Pangu had just released a jailbreak that catered to devices on iOS 9.2 to 9.3.3, and many Apple users were still reeling from this improvement. Unsurprisingly, the iOS 9.3.4 jailbreak caught people by surprise, and many rejoiced over its release.

Unfortunately, their revelry was short-lived. Several days after the iOS 9.3.4 jailbreaking tool was rolled out, Apple released iOS 9.3.5 and announced that the new version patched up three serious “zero-day exploits”. These security flaws were used by a group called NSO to create a spyware called “Pegaus” and gain access to people’s devices. Hackers sent links through text messages to unsuspecting individuals and, when they opened the link, the spyware would plant itself in people’s devices and jailbreak them to give the hackers full access.

Apple was thankfully made aware of the problem, and they strove to fix it by releasing iOS 9.3.5. Apple device owners who will download the update will no longer be exposed to the security flaws that NSO used to hack people’s devices.

However, this leaves jailbreak lovers in a tough situation. If they stick with iOS 9.3.4 or lower, they can keep their jailbreak and be able to customize their devices — but they’d also be exposed to zero-day exploits. If they update to iOS 9.3.5, they’d be protected from these critical security flaws, but they’d lose their jailbreaking tool and be left within Apple’s walled garden.

If you’re one of these confused jailbreak fans, we suggest updating to iOS 9.3.5 ASAP. Sure, doing this will leave you jailbreak-less, but it will protect your private information and keep you away from security hassles. There’s no need to worry since there are rumors that Pangu will roll out a jailbreak for iOS 10 a month after its public release, so you’ll most likely get your hands on a jailbreaking tool a few weeks from now.